Worried about the reflective strip falling off?

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We know that reflective strips are a very common safety equipment.It is also very widely used, and it is also used in many clothes, such as protective clothing, overalls, uniforms, etc., So do you know what it does?What is its performance?Today, I will introduce the role and performance of reflective overalls to you.

We know that reflective strip is a very common safety equipment, it is also very widely used, in many clothes also used, such as protective clothing, work clothes, uniforms, so do you know what it does? What are its properties? Today, let's introduce the function and performance of reflective work clothes


1. Diversity: reflective strip in order to match the characteristics and use of other products, with reflective word adhesive film, reflective mold, reflective yarn, so that it can be convenient for customers to choose

2. Durability: reflective strip has good aging resistance, wash resistance and wear resistance, can be dry cleaning can also be washed, not easy to fall off

3. Wide Angle: Reflective strip not only has wide Angle, and in the reflective effect is much better than other products


The reflective strip on the uniform can reflect the surrounding light at night, so as to play a certain warning role to the road and drivers

Washing Method

Reflective strip not only has the role of reflecting light, but also has anti-aging durability, wear resistance and cleaning resistance. The cleaning method of the work clothes containing the reflective belt is also very simple, can be used by hand washing, machine washing and dry cleaning, it will not cause the loss of the luminous belt because of tedious washing, failure and so on